Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Discussing Gandhi

A day before me and one of my friend Rajiv were discussing the current political scene and our discussion somehow drifted to Gandhian policies in today's I am giving an excerpt of that conversation.

   rajiv :   achha Gandhi ji ke baare me tumahra kya khayal hai
              (what do u think of Gandhi??)

   me  :    a very shrewd politician.. and a capable leader..
              ye jaruri nahi ki main unke har doctrine se agree karun..
              (its not necessary that I support each and every of his
              but in that era Indian mass required a leader like him..
              he was the need and the result of that particular time..
              u cant disagree that even the worst enemies respected him..
              and they couldn't question his ethics...
              the worst they could do was to part their ways on political
              But that didn't deter them seek him as their political
              shayad bahut jyada bol diya?? (probably I have spoken too
   rajiv :   nahi (no)
   me   :   isnt it??
   rajiv :   likhti jao (continue)
   me   :   yaar actually wat I feel.. we find it too easy to condemn
              Gandhi, Nehru, Patel..
               ki aisa nahi aisa hona chahiye tha..ya wo galat kar diya..
              (they did it wrong..)
   rajiv :   hmmm....
   me   :   but we seldom think of the situation at that particular time..
              the demands .. and the options..
   rajiv :   hmmm..
   me   :   esp when it comes to partition..
              very common view comes.. that they could have stopped
              it..  another comes : "what was the harm if it took a bit
              longer time..  say a year more.."
              But no one would like to discuss the options ..
              India was not just a piece of land..
   rajiv :   hmmm....
   me   :   it was for Indians that freedom was necessary..
              and it was the option of either now or never..
   rajiv  :  hmmm...
   me    :  moreover after the second world war..
              England was in no position to continue here..
              and politically...
              it had to improve its image on the international front..
              the leaders were left with just two options..
   rajiv :   hmmm…
   me   :   either they should accept the complete Balkanization..
              or to accept the creation of Pakistan..
              obviously the latter option was more in our benefit..
              and  much better than the first one..
              and talking about that one option of continuing the
              struggle for one more year….so lets not forget the frequent
              communal riots occurring at that time..which clearly shows
              that neither the masses were ready for it..and considering
              the England's condition in the post World War scenario..
              even the Britisher's were not prepared for it…..
              But we don’t consider the events in the broader spectrum..
              and find it too easy to criticize them..
              and don’t forget thet it gives an impression of
              intellectualism..and readily provides an opportunity to prove
              that you are can think...
              huh! a sort of pseudopatriotism..
              and pseudo intellectualism..
              in my view..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reconsidering Election Mechanism

It’s an election time and there is much furore about the polling percentage. No doubt that when the makers of the constitution drafted it, they took all the possible considerations into account. But the situation is now far different from what was then perceived. Today the most active brains are in need to get somewhat motivated. Some very questions which could be posed, in today context are-
Is the mechanism followed for poling is up to the mark or not?
We still need to go to our registered place if we want to cast our votes.
Is this adequate enough when most of the labour class and upper middle intelligentsia is residing outside for professional purpose and studies.
What can be done to include the precious vote of Indian votes who are abroad.
Are not these votes valuable enough to be taken into account?
Its a high time and these questions need to be answered..