Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reconsidering Election Mechanism

It’s an election time and there is much furore about the polling percentage. No doubt that when the makers of the constitution drafted it, they took all the possible considerations into account. But the situation is now far different from what was then perceived. Today the most active brains are in need to get somewhat motivated. Some very questions which could be posed, in today context are-
Is the mechanism followed for poling is up to the mark or not?
We still need to go to our registered place if we want to cast our votes.
Is this adequate enough when most of the labour class and upper middle intelligentsia is residing outside for professional purpose and studies.
What can be done to include the precious vote of Indian votes who are abroad.
Are not these votes valuable enough to be taken into account?
Its a high time and these questions need to be answered..


  1. I am very sure, the law makers had this scenario in mind when they published the grand book of constitution.That is the reason, we have the right to vote from any part of the country, but since there is a "*conditions apply" to every clause, we have to take some pain to register ourselves in our incentive territory.
    After all, we can't expect the government to spoon-feed the citizens :)

  2. good...but not all are fortunate to know about this. well for now there is a plan under consideration of our government which will enable all of us to vote without getting spoon fed..:) unique identity number is a step taken in this rejoice...:)